Spiritual Life at the Fijian National Conference

When Fijians came together at the UCA Fijian National Conference in Mount Tamborine in early July, there was a wonderful sharing of the spirit.

The theme of the conference was ‘Hearts on Fire’ – the same as the 14th Assembly.

From the outset, the feeling certainly lived up to the theme.

Brisbane Annerley Youth formulated the theme song:

Spirit of the Living God
Fall fresh on me
Spirit of the living God fall fresh on me
Break me, melt me, mould me, use me
Spirit of the Living God
Fall fresh on me

Fijian Hymn 104: MHB 300
Ni mai ceguvi au [Breath on me, Breath of God]

The President Stuart McMillan gave the opening address on the Thursday night, inviting people to recall their first encounter with the Spirit of God – the Spirit that ignited the fire within their hearts to love God and serve others.

On Friday, thanks to the resources prepared by Rev Dr Jovili Meo, there was a lot of opportunity for each of us to share our spiritual life in small groups. Here are some of the questions that each of us needed to respond:

Can you recall times in your life when the flames of God’s love have been fanned and sprung to life?

Who are the people in your life who help to kindle the flames of your faith?

What rituals or practices help you to kindle the flames of God in your life?

Friday’s spiritual conversation was very profound.

Every one honestly shared their life as followers of Jesus. They were able to trust each other.

For me this sacred time was a gift from God.13592313_1111160565624944_137908970879330423_n

I felt as though the Spirit of God mysteriously hovered over the whole place and ignited the fire in our hearts.

Through this spiritual conversation, we started putting our activities into God’s perspective.

For those of us who were visitors, the Fijian National Conference prompted us to look at our own spiritual life, question how the Holy Spirit has created fire within our own hearts and enable us to share openly and honestly with others.

For me the Fijian National Conference was a great model of how to create a space for grace that enables spiritual conversation in culturally appropriate ways.


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