Generosity and Commitment at the Korean National Conference

My heart warmed when I listened to Rev Kiduk Wang’s congregation story in Sydney at the Korean National Conference on Monday 22 August 2016.

Since last year, members of Dongsan Church committed themselves to sponsor 113 children from around the world through Compassion Australia. The Church committed at least $65,000 every year for this wonderful outreach program. That amounts to $48 per child every month.

“We pray to God for our commitment to the well-being of children, hopefully we are able to do this for 10 years”, Kiduk explained in his firm but soft voice.

Generosity is like fresh water flowing from gracious hearts. It gives life for many people. Korean Church members have expressed their graciousness in the finest ways by giving a possible future to many children in need. This is because they too have received the ultimate gift of life from God. Only those who have received life can give life for others.

During the conference, leaders of Korean congregations shared their ministries across Australia and beyond. Their commitment to sharing their own life’s changing story through Jesus Christ was very inspiring. It was expressed very well when we sang, “This is my story. This is my song. Praising my Saviour for all the day long” during the opening service.

They have found their story and joy in Jesus Christ.

In this third conference (Korean National Conference started in 2014 in Melbourne), NSW/ACT Moderator Rev. Myung Hwa Park preached on the 14th Assembly theme “Hearts on Fire” and she reminded us “we are not alone, we journey together”.



President Stuart McMillan shared his experience and said,

“We are honoured and blessed to have the life and energy of the Korean church.

“We gather today to work together, encourage one another and build God’s kingdom”.

Rev. Steve was elected as the chairperson of KNC for next two years and I am looking forward to working with him.

On behalf of the multicultural Uniting Church, I would like to express our gratitude and thanks to Rev. Kisoo Jang who has led the Korean National Conference in the past two years with confidence and passion.

By the end of our night together, we had heard stories from the many Korean congregations that have found their home in the Uniting Church, a home for many cultures. A space for grace for everyone.


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